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  1. The Digital Balance Analysis Report

    We’ve been busy working on the Digital Balance Project. The objective of Digital Balance is to clear: design, develop and implement a new approach to…

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  2. The ONE Project – Virtual Collaboration Toolkit is now live

    The Virtual Toolkit from The ONE Meeting Project is now live and available to download. The toolkit is for: European Project Managers European Project Officers…

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  3. Blockchain Ireland Week 2022

    Blockchain technology is one of the biggest innovations of the 21st century and it has had a ripple effect on various sectors, from financial to…

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  4. Team

    momentum TEAM Orla Casey Founder, Innovator, Educator, Multitasking Managing Director, Strategist, Optimist Grace Roche Head of EU Projects Gillian Keane Head of Design Laura Magan…

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  5. Introduction to Community Mediation – The Include Me Project

    We are looking for teachers, trainers and adult/community educators, but also higher education students with migration or intercultural background to test the first module of…

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