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  1. Team Template Test

    Leon is a WordPress and Web Development specialist with Momentum. He’s been using WordPress from its inception around 2007 and has been a freelance web…

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  2. The SHINE Project – Transnational Partner Meeting in Belfast

    Lola was in Belfast recently for the SHINE Project Transnational Partner meeting. It’s strange how life works out, as Sanja featured Lola as a case…

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  3. Con Bartels

    Con Bartels Sustainability & Culture Specialist Con Bartels is our Specialist in Sustainability & Culture. Con graduated with a bachelor of Business Studies from Trinity…

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  4. Anthony Carty

    Anthony Carty Education Specialist Intro here.. Full Bio View LinkedIn Full Bio Full bio here.. All Projects

  5. Lola Gonzalez

    Lola Gonzalez Inclusion & EU Programme Specialist Lola joined Momentum in March 2022, bringing over 20 years’ experience and a wealth of knowledge in the…

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