Customer Service – The Key to Business Success

Customer Service – The Key to Business Success



A comprehensive customer service programme which introduces participants to the role and benefits of customers service, service delivery and loyalty programmes.


Typical Content Includes:

The Role & Benefits of Customer Service

This opening module introduces participants to the importance of customer service as a means of building brand loyalty and integrating it into the overall marketing strategy.

The Service Delivery Process

This module will focus on mapping out the service delivery process of a typical customer experience. Participants will understand each ‘moment of truth’ or customer touch point which can shape a ‘positive’ or ‘negative’ customer experience. 

The Role of Effective Communication –Verbal and Non Verbal in Customer Service

This module will examine the tools for effective communication and the importance of verbal and non verbal communication. It will give hands on guidance for how to handle difficult situations and effective techniques for resolving conflict.

Customer Service & Customer Loyalty Programmes

This module will examine the link between the development of customer loyalty programmes and delivering excellent customer service in SMEs. Participants will explore the many types of customer loyalty options available and how these can be rolled out as part of an integrated marketing strategy. 

Role Play & Action

This final module will focus on role play scenarios to help reinforce the learning’s of the course. Participants will partake in and/or observe various customer scenarios/role plays which will simulate real life customer service transactions.

Upon completion of the ‘Customer Service – The Key to Business Success’ participants will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of customer service and its role in increasing sales
  • Identify the key elements of the service delivery process – what are the moments of truth? What are the main touchpoints which can shape a ‘positve’ or ‘negative’ customer experience
  • Understand that customer service implementation is based on a series of ‘interactions’ between company and customer
  • Identify the role of verbal and non verbal communication in delivering excellent customer service
  • Acquire the skills for delivering quality customer care
  • Know the essential steps involved in customer service recovery – LEARN technique
  • Identify key customer service metrics for benchmarking customer service thoughout the organisation
  • Learn the various types of customer loyalty programmes open to SMEs
  • Gain an understanding of how strong customer loyalty helps implement quality customer service and vice versa
  • Develop a checklist for customer service recovery
  • Apply real life case study examples of customer service in action
  • Demonstrate their understanding of the overall workshop material through role play scenarios