Marketing and Sales Courses

Marketing and Sales Courses



As a specialist sales, marketing, digital marketing & social media training company we know and understand the impact of developing effective sales & marketing tools that lead to a positive impact on the bottom line of the typical SME owner and manager across a broad range of industry sectors.



Promoting & Marketing Your Business’


This marketing programme aims to impart a firm understanding of market segmentation, customer profiling and branding in conjunction with an overview of key online promotional channels. Read more>



The ULTIMATE Digitize Your Marketing Strategy’


An all in one digital marketing programme, it is designed to provide a Deep Dive’ into the world of Digital marketing by immersing participants in the key elements of the online world. Read more>



Become an Accomplished Sales Generator’


This sales programme aims to impart a firm understanding of the art of successful selling based on adherence to a set of fundamental best practices sales tips and techniques. Read more>



PR & Media Skills


Participants will gain the skills and knowledge required to develop and implement an effective PR strategy including developing relations with journalists and the media, writing and distributing press releases, media targeting and more! Read more>