‘Become an Accomplished Sales Generator’ Programme

‘Become an Accomplished Sales Generator’ Programme



This sales programme aims to impart a firm understanding of the art of successful selling based on adherence to a set of fundamental best practices sales tips and techniques.


Typical topics include:

Prospecting & Lead Generation

Developing Buyer personas is a key aspect of marketing based on profiling customers according to their buying motives. The trainer will develop this concept and will educate SME owners and managers on how to exploit new areas for business through effective prospecting and business development.

The Long Tail

This module examines the Long Tail of Marketing as a way to diversify existing products with a view to increasing sales opportunities. Relevant case study examples will be incorporated into the module so that learners can apply the Long Tail to their own sales strategy.

Constructing a Winning Sales Pitch

What are we selling? How are we packaging it? These questions and more will be examined in this module designed to equip learners with the ability to articulate their sales pitch and to streamline it to suit the various target audiences to whom they are selling.

Handling Objections & Overcoming Rebuttals

Designed to help those who are are involved in direct selling, this module examines the methods for handling objections and turning negatives into positives. It will also highlight the importance of exposing the dominant buying urge and customers rational and emotional means of buying.

Winning Customers & Closing Deals

A final step in the sales process is to win business by closing deals. This module will give learners an essential grasp of the art of ‘Asking for the order’ while having the confidence to do so in style. Sample mini role plays will help to solidify the learnings of this course among participants.

Upon completion of the ‘Become an Accomplished Sales Generator’ participants will be able to:


  • Understand the sales process/cycle and how to maximise it to achieve sales goals
  • Have a clear and practical set of tips and techniques for prospecting, lead generation, sales pitch development & delivery
  • Develop their personal sales style and a positive  & enthusiastic attitude to selling
  • Increased Sales Efficiency – Work smarter not harder
  • Demonstrate their understanding of the overall workshop material and content through role play scenarios