Promoting & Marketing Your Business



This marketing programme aims to impart a firm understanding of market segmentation, customer profiling and branding in conjunction with an overview of key online promotional channels.


Typical Content Includes:

Customer Profiling

A key part of developing a marketing plan is to segment your market so that you can tailor your product/ service offering to suit the unique requirements of various customer segments. This module will examine the use of ‘Buyer Personas’ in order to niche target customers through a creative approach to customer profiling.

The Role of Branding

Creating a strong brand identity in the marketplace is important for small business because it instills customer loyalty & encourages repeat business. This module takes a look at how to create a strong brand personality for your product/service offering  with a view to making an impact in the marketplace.

Promotional Channels – Email marketing

Businesses can really benefit by low cost direct marketing approaches. This module will take a practical look at email marketing as an effective promotional tool that participants can use to help market their business. In particular we will focus on showcasing case study examples of how these tools have been used effectively while answering the following key questions for participants

  • How can I build up an opt in email subscriber list?
  • How to design effective email campaigns that will lead to sales conversion
  • How can I make my website an effective lead generation tool?

Promotional Channels – SEO & Websites

Most customers are searching online for products & services so ensuring that SMEs have an effective SEO strategy driven by an optimized website is a mandatory part of developing any marketing plan. This module will examine the top factors influencing organic SEO so that SMEs can ensure that they can be found easily online.

Promotional Channels – Social Media

This module will focus on how to use social media marketing to help build brand awareness and increase sales. Using examples from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube, the tutor will demonstrate how key features from these social media platforms will help build brand identity & increase sales conversion. This module will address the following key areas 

  • How to use photographs & video to create value added compelling content across Facebook Twitter and Pinterest in order to increase brand awareness & build brand identity?
  • How to incentivize customers based on the use of creative competitions and promotions across Pinterest & Facebook
  • Showcase best practice social media examples from SMEs across Twitter Facebook and Pinterest who use the visual social web with maximum effect
  • Top tips for how to use social media to build brand awareness and incentivize purchase

Creating a Marketing Plan 

This module will help learners tie in all the aspects of the course into a cohesive framework by working from a template to help develop a marketing plan for their business. Key areas addressed in this module include:

  • Elements of a marketing plan
  • Budget considerations
  • Major milestones for effective marketing implementation


Upon completion of the ‘Promoting & Marketing Your Business Training Programme’ participants will be able to:

  • Identify creative ways to segment the market using  buyer persona marketing
  • Understand the importance of emarketing & how it relates to increasing sales
  •  Learn how to build up an email subscriber list
  • Know how to use email marketing as part of your online marketing strategy including setting up email lists and creating compelling calls to action
  • Understand how to turn a website into an effective lead generation tool?
  • Know the key ‘must halves’ for creating a compelling email marketing campaign
  • Gain an understanding of how email marketing & social media can help drive traffic to your website
  • Understand the improtance of SEO as part of developing an online marketing strategy
  • Focus on the role of social media in terms of increasing brand awareness and building a stronger brand identity
  • Identify how to use social media to help incentivise purchases and increase sales
  • Identify how to use Social media to boost SEO
  • Apply real life case study examples to low cost promotional techniques
  • Understand the essential components of  developing a marketing plan for their SME business