The ULTIMATE ‘Digitize Your Marketing Strategy’ Programme

The ULTIMATE ‘Digitize Your Marketing Strategy’ Programme



This is an extremely comprehensive digital marketing training programme and provides learners with an all in one digital marketing programme.


It is designed to provide a ‘Deep Dive’ into the world of Digital marketing by immersing participants in the key elements of the online world.

Typical content includes:

Websites – What makes a great Website?

The value of an engaging website is an essential tool for success in an online digital world. Casting a critical eye over website design and structure, we provide learners with a list of must haves to turn a website into an effective lead generation tool.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

A key part of developing a strong online presence is being found online. Participants will learn to develop a strong Search Engine Optimization strategy and will examine the difference between on page and off page SEO and how to increase their organic search rankings.

Understanding Pay Per Click Advertising

Advertising drives sales, but in a digital world, it’s all about creating successful ad campaigns online. Partipiants will learn how to create compelling and effective digital advertising campaigns including ad copy creation, understanding CPM versus CPC, identifying & profiling niche target audiences online and measuring and monitoring key online success metrics including CTR, eCPMs, reach, impressions, & conversions.

The Role of Digital Video

According to CISCO – market leaders in network equipment & technologies,85% of all internet traffic will be video based by the end of 2015. This offers a tremendous opportunity for SMEs to augment their digital marketing strategy by embracing online video as a low  cost marketing promotional tool. We will equip learners with the essential skills to create storyboards & identify subject matter to create video content, provide top tips for video production and expose learners with how to use YouTube as an effective online promotional channel.

 Email Marketing 

Email marketing is accepted as having a higher impact on sales conversion than social media, yet few SME organisations understand how to use this low cost marketing promotional tool to help drive their online sales & marketing strategy. We will arm learners with the understanding of the benefits of email marketing and will explain how it works while referencing practical ezine campaigns from across the SME sector. Participants will also learn the skills required to create, distribute and measure powerful ezine campaign performance .

Social Media – Up Your Game on Facebook

Participants will learn how to up their game on Facebook by building a loyal fan following, increasing fan engagement & creating a strong content marketing strategy for the business. We will also cover F-commerce and using third party Facebook apps to help increase sales by setting up an ecommerce platform directly from their Facebook page.

Social Media – Twitter as a Marketing Tool

The value of Twitter as a low cost marketing promotional tool among SME owners and managers cannot be understated. Twitter is a micro blog that enables SMEs to develop critical mass among customers, journalists and suppliers. This module will examine ways to use twitter as a market research tool via lists as well as increasing brand awareness and identity.

Developing a Digital Marketing Campaign

Combining the various elements of the programme material, the trainer will guide participants in the formulation of a digital marketing campaign from concept development  & planning through to implementation  and monitoring for success.


Upon completion of the ‘Digitize Your Marketing Strategy Training Programme’ participants will be able to:

  • Identify the top factors influencing SEO
  • Know the 6 ways to boost SERP rankings in Google
  • Disover the top 10 ‘must haves’ of any website
  • Understand the importance of digital video as a low cost promotional tool
  • Learn the elements of setting up and implmenting effective PPC campaigns
  • Increase the effectiveness of ezine & enewsletter campaigns based on the 6 ‘must halves’ of ezine creation
  • Learn how to increase Facebook Fan Engagement
  • Build up a loyal following on Facebook with the top tips for Facebook page promotion
  • Discover how to use Twitter as a market research tool and to increase brand awareness
  • Demonstrate an overall understanding of the course by designing a digital marketing campaign for their business