Getting Started with Facebook Marketing

Getting Started with Facebook Marketing



This innovative Facebook marketing programme aims to impart a firm understanding of how to use Facebook as a low cost marketing tool


It will help participants to successfully identify new business opportunities and increase stickier customer relationships.

Typical Content Includes:

Essential Facebook Marketing

A natural starting point, this module will explain the benefits of Facebook marketing and its role in helping SME owners and managers develop an online marketing strategy that focuses on effective Lead Generation, building awareness, online networking, creating brand identity, driving SEO, increasing sales conversion all at very low cost!

Facebook Set Up & Features

This module focuses on all the need to know aspects of Facebook required to get your business page set up.

Promoting, Managing & Monitoring Facebook Pages

This module focuses on Facebook  Content, Administration, Insights  and how to implement an effective Facebook content marketing strategy using the ‘concentric circles’ module of content creation.

Facebook Advertising

This session will focus advertising on Facebook  and will investigate the various options available. E.g. CPM  and CPC (Cost per thousand impressions versus Cost per Click).

Facebook Marketing Action Plan

This module will focus on the top 5 steps for implementing an effective Facebook Marketing Action plan which will incorporate the main takeaways from today

Upon completion of the ‘Innovative Marketing for Business with Facebook – Getting started’ participants will be able to:

  1. Know  the important role that social media marketing and viral marketing play in developing a overall low cost promotional strategy for their business
  2. Understand  the benefits of Facebook marketing as a key on line promotional tool for promoting their business at low cost
  3. Understand  the specific features & benefits of the Facebook platform and how it differs from conventional website marketing
  4. Apply on-line  networking as a integral part of building an effective Word of Mouth marketing strategy
  5. Apply  the application of  low cost Facebook techniques to real life SME case study examples
  6. Understand  the 5 guiding principals for implementing an effective Facebook marketing campaign
  7. Augment  your existing on line marketing strategy by integrating Web 2.0 functionality with it
  8. Learn  how to set up & manage a Facebook page and how it differs from a Facebook personal profile
  9. Create  an effective on line SME Facebook advertising campaign
  10. Learn  how to manage their Facebook Advertising campaign more effectively
  11. Demonstrate  your understanding of the overall workshop material and content through creating a mini social media marketing promotional action plan for your business
  12. Reference  best practice examples of other SME Facebook pages throughout the course