Innovative Facebook Marketing – The Next Level

Innovative Facebook Marketing – The Next Level



 This programme offers learners the opportunity to learn and apply more advanced Facebook functionality, tips & techniques to their own Facebook business page.


For the more advanced Facebook user, this training programme allows participants to ‘up their game’ with Facebook via innovative marketing approaches by setting up competitions and promotions & using integrated 3rd party apps that do not require coding.

Typical Content Includes:

 Facebook Campaigns & Promotions

This module will explain a cost effective way of running Facebook Competitions and promotions taking into consideration the rules & promotional policies of Facebook . Learners will be exposed to an integrated third party application which will empower them to run competitions without the need to learning any coding all at very low cost!

Lead Generation & Customer Contact Info

This module will focus on how to  use  Facebook as an effective lead generation tool by adding a customer enquiry form to your Facebook page.

Facebook EdgeRank – Effective Newsfeed Optimization (NFO)

This module will focus on how to ‘Up your game’ in terms of understanding Facebook’s EdgeRank Algorithm for effective News Feed Optimization (NFO). If SMEs do not understand how this Algorithm works and more importantly how to ‘crack it’; they will never be effective in their online Facebook Marketing Strategy.

Facebook Advertising, Sponsored Posts, Stories & More

This module looks at setting up Facebook Advertising Campaigns using the Facebook Adverts Manager and how to track the effectiveness of Facebook advertising campaigns using advertising metrics.

Adding Bells & Whistles to your Facebook Page 

Learn how to embed your website on your Facebook page and much more!

Upon completion of the ‘Innovative Marketing for Business with Facebook – The Next Level’ participants will be able to:

  1. Learn (for themselves) the most popular cost effective 3rd party mobile applications available to run Facebook campaigns and promotions  sweepstakes/coupons/contests/quizzes etc)
  2. Understand Facebook’s rules and policy in terms of running promotional campaigns
  3. Know how to embed a website into a Facebook page
  4. Discover how to create a sign up to our mailing list form and integrate it with existing Facebook page in order to build up ‘Permission Asset’
  5. Learn all about Facebook’s EdgeRank Algorithm, including the factors that influence it and the steps that need to be taken to ensure effective NFO so that fans will see more of your business page posts
  6. Appreciate the benefits of the new Facebook insights in terms of its impact on fan engagement
  7. Augment their knowledge of Facebook advertising campaigns through additional tips and best practices by learning the key metrics for monitoring and analysing advertising results
  8. Build  a ‘Top 10 Hit List’ of things to do to make their page more engaging  including use of the @tag
  9. Identify best practice Facebook pages across the SME sector in Ireland
  10. Walk away with a workable template from which to develop a Facebook Marketing strategy for the Small business
  11. Learn how to use threaded comments and hashtags to drive conversations