Linkedin for Business



This practical workshop outlines the benefits of LinkedIn as a low cost online promotional tool.


Linkedin is great for generating leads, raising brand awareness & incentivising business professionals, this can be done by a number of different methods including having a targeted online LinkedIn company page & creating Linkedin advertising campaigns.

Typical Content Includes:

 LinkedIn Benefits

A natural starting point, this module will explain the benefits of LinkedIn marketing and its role in helping SME owners and managers develop an effective marketing strategy through online networking that focuses on quality Lead Generation, creating brand identity, gaining free publicity, driving SEO, & prospecting for new customers!

LinkedIn Set Up & Features Part 1 – Profile & Recommendations

This module is the first of two which will focus on the following aspects of this dynamic online networking application

  • How do I set up a LinkedIn Profile?
  • What are the different profile components – summary, skills & expertise, education, experience, recommendations/endorsements
  • How do I create a customized public URL for my profile?
  • How to I create and request recommendations?

 LinkedIn Set up & Features Part 2– Status Updates, Connections & Groups

This module focuses on

  • 3 ways to build up LinkedIn Connections
  • How to join or set up a group
  • How to write compelling status updates
  • Understanding the layout of the Home page


Module 4        LinkedIn Features – Prospecting, Lead Generation & Publicity

This module will look at the different ways that Individuals can use LinkedIn for effective Lead Generation, prospecting customers & creating free publicity & brand awareness for their business. Specifically this module will focus on three things

      • How to use the companies feature to set up a company page on LinkedIn
      • How to effectively prospect for customers and generate quality leads though the advanced search features (Individuals & Companies)
      • How to create LinkedIn adverts for your business

Wrap Up & Review

Summary & highlight of other features of LinkedIn

  1. Summarise of other LinkedIn minor features including: polls, answers, Inbox, events
  2. Summary and key takeaways
  3. Best practice examples of LinkedIn profiles and company pages

Upon completion of the ‘Using LinkedIn to Benefit Business Training programme’ participants will be able to:

  1. Understand the benefits of LinkedIn as a key on line promotional & networking tool
  2. Understand the specific features & benefits of LinkedIn & how to use them to drive effective online networking & promotion, lead generation and market research
  3. Know how to set up a LinkedIn profile including the various components that need to be completed for a comprehensive online LinkedIn presenece
  4. Apply on-line networking as a integral part of building an effective Word of Mouth marketing strategy
  5. Apply the application of  low cost promotional techniques to real life case study examples
  6. Understand how to set up a company page on LinkedIn and how to manage groups
  7. Augment your existing on line marketing strategy by integrating Web 2.0 functionality with it
  8. Learn how to spice up your LinkedIn profile using some easy to use designer applications
  9. Learn  how to build and expand your network online through establishing meaningful LinkedIn contacts
  10. Demonstrate your understanding of the overall workshop material and content through hands on application in an IT lab environment