Manage your Time Effectively on Social Media

Manage your Time Effectively on Social Media


This programme highlights a number of key tools to help participants manage their time more effectively on social media.


If you are active on social media and want to increase the effectiveness of your social media strategy without increasing your time, then this workshop is a must!

Typical Content Includes:

Managing Time, Scheduling Posts 

This module will examine Hootsuite one of the most flexible tools available to help social media gurus, manage their time more effectively by scheduling posts & automating responses.

Facebook Tools

This module examines some of the main monitoring tools available to help SMEs better manage their time on Facebook including measuring the impact of their Facebook marketing strategy including likealyzer, Agorapulse Barometer & postplanner.

Twitter Listening Tools

Twitter is a very popular social media tool and with the propensity to tweet several times a day, it is important for SMEs to understand how to ‘filter out the noise’ so that they can realise the true benefits of this dynamic micro blog. This module will highlight some of the most popular Twitter monitoring tools such as Twilert, Twitter Search, SocialBro,

Content Marketing Plan & Scheduling

Armed with the tools for managing ones time on social media paves the way for developing a content marketing scheduling plan for the business. This module will arm learners with a template for differentiating between different types of content (Self promotional, Educational, Informational, Entertaining, Inspirational) and  ‘marrying’ it with the frequency of when to post and they type of varying format (Text, Photo, Video Link etc). This template provides a roadmap to timing & scheduling meaningful content across multiple social media channels.

Upon completion of the ‘Manage Your Time Effectively on Social Media’ course participants will be able to:

  • Understand how to use Hootsuite to schedule posts and respond with automatic updates
  • Learn how to guage their Facebook page performance against baseline industry average using likealyser
  • Know how to build up a more meaningful following on Twitter by filtering followers based on keywords that matter to their business
  • Develop the skill set to engagem more on social media using socialbro, social metion postplanner etc
  • Identify how to filter out the noise from social media and concentrate on content that matters to you and your business
  • Learn how to develop a content marketing schedule plan that mixes a variety of different types of content and formats to make a bigger impact with your community of followers