Pinterest Marketing



Marketing is all about storytelling and as we know a picture can paint a thousand words.


Learn how to use Pinterest, a visual social media platform for business and get your images working for you!

Typical Content Includes:

Pinterest Benefits

A natural starting point, this module will explain the basics & benefits of Pinterest marketing and its role in helping SME owners and managers develop an effective social media marketing strategy through stronger emphasis on the visual social web. It will showcase the growth in this innovative platform and highlight its unique features all of which will help to build and retain and loyal Pinterest customer following!

Pinterest Page Set Up & Features

This module focuses on how to set up a Pinterest Page for your business

  • How do I set up a Pinterest page?
  • What are the different page components – About us section, connecting my Pinterest page to my website,  downloading the pin it button, registering a username
  • How do I Pin items from the website
  • How to I upload images and pin them to my page

 Pinterest & Brand Awareness

 This module focuses on

  • Working with Boards- How to be creative in setting up boards on your Pinterest profile
  • How to be creative in terms of pinning a variety of content
  • How to build relationships and build a loyal following

Pinterest & SEO

This module will look at the important link between Pinterest and SEO, specifically

  • The discoverability factor – how SMEs can use this as a means to boost SEO
  • How to use Keywords effectively in board names and in pin descriptions
  • How to create quality backlinks to custom landing pages on websites, YouTube videos, etc

Incentivize & Increase Sales

This module focuses on

  • How to use Pinterest to incentivise customers and increase sales  using coupons, contests, special offers etc
  • How to sell directly on Pinterest through Pinterest gifts
  • Best practices examples of SMEs using Pinterest effectively

Upon completion if the Pinterest Marketing Programme, participants will:

  • Know how to set up a Pinterest profile & why it is a ‘great fit’ for marketing your business online
  • Understand how to create visually compelling specialist ‘Pinboards’ that will increase brand awareness & brand identity
  • Develop an effective Lead Generation strategy by building a loyal Pinterest following through ‘liking‘ ‘sharing’ ‘pinning’ & ‘repining’ content
  • Leverage key Pinterest features to build a stronger SEO online strategy
  • Increase sales by incentivising ‘Pinterest followers’ to become customers through innovative campaigns & use of the ‘Pin it’ button
  • Acquire a deeper appreciation of Pinterest Marketing through best practice examples of other relevant business users