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Those Cork boys have it spot on

Where is the time going? It’s hard to believe September is peeking around the corner and that sprint to the year end finishing line will consume us all very soon.


Momentum had a breakthrough year in 2015, we worked really hard and specialised in our niche of EU projects that in 2016 have brought myself and Grace right across Europe. Working on the most interesting of projects and meeting the most interesting of people, it really is so fulfilling (corny as that sounds). What I love in particular is, not only are we sharing our knowledge (as we do for home contracts), we are constantly learning, seeing new ways and approaches and stepping up our game in Ireland.


I honestly thought Momentum had a business model that would work for a few years, but along came Brexit and the great unknown therein. With some 50 % of our work in the UK, you can see it is a worry for us. Now, we are so glad we cast our net wider and in September we have new projects starting in Poland and Lithuania. So the moral of the story is anticipate and react to change very quickly.


While others would see this uncertainty as a time to consolidate, we are about to expand 🙂 Be brave she said. Practice what you preach she said. So, we have a new staff member starting in September and will be very excited to share her appointment.


Its roll up the sleeves time and like our amazing Cork Olympic Silver Medallists say ‘Shteak Spuds & Pull Like A Dog’. EU friends, we will translate for you when we meet !



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