In alphabetical order:

Ivan Arapinac

Digital Communications and eLearning Specialist

Con Bartels

Sustainability & Culture Specialist

Mark Bolger

Sustainability and Bioeconomy Specialist

Anthony Carty

Education Specialist

Samantha Carty

EU Project Specialist

Orla Casey

Founder, Innovator, Educator, Multitasking Managing Director, Strategist, Optimist

Laurence Cole

EU Project Specialist

Lola Gonzalez

EU Project Specialist

Sanja Ivandić

Intercultural and EU Project Specialist

Gillian Keane

Head of Design

Laura Magan

Tourism and EU Project Specialist

Leon Quinn

WordPress Web Developer

Val Robus

Digital Media Specialist

Grace Roche

Head of EU Projects

Paula Whyte

Food Sector Specialist