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Our podcast features Momentum news and events as well as interviews with our partners in Ireland, Europe and the USA covering topics such as Education, Inclusion, Sustainability, Tourism, Women’s Empowerment, Social Innovation and more..

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Momentum Videos

Some recent videos from Momentum.

Susan Hayes Culleton Interview

Susan Interview
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We learn more about Susan Hayes Culleton, CFA, “The Positive Economist” & managing director at the HayesCulleton Group. We are huge fans of her multiple inspiring businesses!

Susan Hayes Culleton Top 3 Takeaways

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Susan was our amazing MC for our Momentum at 20 event in Leitrim in early 2023 and she very kindly shares her views on the Momentum ethos and her top three takeaways from the event.

Tony Johnston & Dark Sky Ecotourism

Tony Johnston
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Dr Tony Johnston, of the Technological University of the Shannon, Ireland introduces his very own Shedex Talk about the Dark Sky Ecotourism project. Collaborating with partners from Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Denmark and Portugal. The project combines dark sky tourism with ecotourism to promote sustainable travel experiences, centred around the night sky and natural environments.

The project involves creating educational courses, a guide, and a mobile app, targeted at small businesses, learners and communities. Tony emphasises the potential for unique night time activities and wellness experiences. He also covers the challenges and opportunities in the tourism sector, including environmental sustainability and the evolving role of women as leaders in the field.

Design for Change

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Jessica Favarel, International Project Coordinator at Le LABA introduces the Design for Change project, centred around design thinking for social change. One of the project’s goals is to develop solutions for social enterprises by applying design thinking principles, emphasising a human-centred approach.

With partners from France, Ireland, Italy, Spain and Denmark, all collaborating on this two-year initiative, we are targeting educators, NGOs, social entrepreneurs, activists and community members invested in driving social change. We are creating Learning Centres, an educator’s guide, training courses, and a learning platform.

Women in Leadership

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The empowerment of women to achieve gender equality is one of Momentum’s key missions. Under the theme of Women in Leadership, Samantha Carty presents the Knowledge Alliance project WeRin which seeks to increase the number of female graduate entrepreneurs and make education programmes more inclusive. Paula Whyte put a spotlight on developing leadership skills & confidence, for women in the tourism, hospitality and leisure sectors with her European partners in We Lead. While, European Project Specialist, Lola Gonzalez highlighted the resources available in Shine to upskill women in the third sector to transition into leadership roles.


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WELLHOODY: Youth well-being is one of the most important EU agendas and it’s an essential component of the EU Youth Strategy 2019-2027. Wellbeing in Diverse Youth Communities (WELLHOODY) is an innovative approach that will upskill YOUTH educators & communities in racially diverse communities to empower youth wellbeing and recognize strengths that come from diversity. In the process, they will equip young people to be active citizens, encouraging them to build inclusive diverse youth communities where everyone is welcome and can participate.

Richard Worrall

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