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A Visit to Sligo Children’s Community Garden for the Bestie Project

Imagine a place where everyone is welcome, where children can learn about biodiversity and nature. A place where members of the community can share stories around a campfire. A safe place with a warm welcome.
There is a place like that in the heart of Sligo, it’s the Sligo Children’s Community Garden and Val went along to meet everyone and chat to Kylie, one of the founding members. You can listen to our podcast to hear their conversation and the wonderful birdsong:
We’d like to thank Kylie for being so honest and open and for sharing the story of the garden and how much it means to her. We are working on the Bestie –  Befriending for Social and Digital Inclusion and we are delighted to include Sligo Children’s Community Garden as a case study.
The Befriending for Social and Digital Inclusion project aims to provide a fresh and innovative model of cross fertilization of digital and social skills for senior citizens, migrants, and young people. Find out more here:

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