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Activating Young Rural Development (ACORN) Resources

The  ACORN – Activating Young Rural Development project aims to engage, empower, and inspire young people in rural areas to become active citizens, co-creators, and implementers of rural development initiatives. ACORN strives to create a more prosperous, interconnected, and strong rural Europe, particularly for rural youth.

The overall objective of ACORN is to develop and implement a new suite of resources including a transferable mechanism for youth inclusive rural development in four European regions during the lifetime of the project.

We invite you to take a look at the resources

Young Rural Development Opportunities and Challenges Report: Covering key issues affecting rural areas in the EU, such as young people leaving, changing populations, and the role of infrastructure. Our research covers Ireland, Slovenia, Malta, Spain, and Denmark, offering a broad view of challenges and possibilities.

Best Practices Compendium for Inclusive Rural Development in Europe: Discover 20 standout projects that are making real changes in rural areas. These initiatives focus on helping young people reach their full potential and tackle issues like poverty and social disadvantage.

The ACORN Podcast Series: This series is more than just a listening experience; it’s a call to action. Whether you’re a young person in a rural setting, an educator, or a policy maker, our episodes offer valuable insights that can inspire change.

These are just the first project resources, and there are more to follow. We will keep you updated as the project progresses.

The ACORN Project partners are: Roscommon Leader Partnership, ID20, European E-Learning Institute, Asociación Jóvenes Solidarios, Vis Med Net, and Momentum Educate and Innovate.

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