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Better Futures – Enabling Young Refugee Entrepreneurs

In this post we’d like to tell you more about the Better Futures Project. This one is so important as it aims to facilitate the empowerment of young refugees and asylum seekers, to achieve economic independence by helping them become successful entrepreneurs.

Based on data from UNHCR in 2019, all around the world there were 26 million refugees, 10% of those live in Europe. From January – June 2020 research from Unicef tells us that over 6000 children arrived in Europe, the majority of those are aged 15 – 17 years old. There is a real need to empower these people as they become young adults and that’s where Better Futures will come in.

Young refugees have seen so much in their short lives, many of them may have come from war torn countries, they may have left behind their families and friends, they are thrown into a strange situation where so many things are different. They may be considered to be outsiders in their new countries. They have to adapt to a whole new way of living and we at Momentum, hope that we can help them.

Why is entrepreneurship a good route for young refugees?

Becoming an entrepreneur is empowering for young refugees. It encourages them to use their talents and start their own business doing something that they love. It’s also a great way for them to be involved in their local community and for the community to get to know them.

The Better Futures project will develop and create three practical resources for youth and entrepreneurship organisations.


  1. Practice Guide
    • this will lay the groundwork to change attitudes and policies regarding the inclusion of refugees.
  1. Rapid Assessment Tool
    • this will enable in situ evaluation of each individual’s unique entrepreneurial aptitude.
  • Teaching Resources for Refugee Entrepreneurship
    • this will fast track the mainstreaming of entrepreneurship education that is responsive to young refugees’ needs

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Better Futures – Enabling Young Refugee Entrepreneurs is an Erasmus+ project brings together partners from the UK, Germany, France, Ireland, and Denmark. 

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