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Creative Change 4th Transnational Partner Meeting

The 4th transnational partner meeting of the Creative Change project took place recently in Dublin. This was a hybrid meeting as some of the project partners couldn’t attend in person. It was quite fitting that the meeting was a mix of online and in-person attendance, as part of the focus of Creative Change is how we had to adapt, and manage our projects during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Creative Change partners discussed the progress of the project and reviewed the feedback for the resources. The Creative Change Guide is an informative and stylish publication. The Guide offers you an engaging introduction to the role of creative methodologies, especially those based on the principles Human Centered Design. We invite you to embark on a journey of generation of innovative and inclusive ideas for the design and delivery of educational projects.

The Creative Change Guide is made up of four parts:

Intro:   The how and why of the Creative Change Guide
Part 1:  How Human Centered Design can make a change in your project
Part 2: Practical application of the Human Centered Design approach
Part 3: A guide on how to add value to your project

You can download your free Creative Change Guide and discover the other resources here:

You can also join the Creative Change Space on Facebook: 



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