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Creative Communities Igniting Change in Ireland

We are now 6 months into our CCIC project and are delighted to report that some great progress has been made. For those of you not familiar with the project:

The focus of Creative Communities Igniting Change is to create entrepreneurial opportunities for people to get involved in the creative sector as a stepping stone to entrepreneurship.  At the same time, it will establish creative incubators in communities who will provide training and work space for these emerging entrepreneurs.

CCIC is working to create a new and effective model for creative industries training and support within a community environment; one that provides access to vocational education for key target groups but also leads to broader economic innovation and revitalization.

Led by Roscommon Leader Partnership, the project brings together partners from UK/Northern Ireland (Banbridge Distinct Council and Canice Consulting), Sweden (Folkuniverisitetet in Skånelän), Poland (Northern Chamber of Commerce, Szczecin and University of Humanities and Economics, Łódz) and Momentum are the other Irish partners.

Defining our Region in Ireland – Roscommon, Sligo, Mayo

So far two CCIC Regional Alliance meetings have been held which have brought together VET providers and HEIs, creative industry bodies, economic actors, local governments and wider stakeholders to explore best practice in integrating entrepreneurship education into creative arts youth work. With our Regional Alliance Partners we are working to create a CCIC Action Plan which will devise individual and collective commitments.


To set the scene, we are currently working on a mapping exercise of existing and emerging creative community initiatives in our region – their remit, the Gaps, the opportunities they present, we are happy to present you with our findings so far;


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