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Day One in Europe – Transnational Meeting in Brussels

Lola was in Brussels recently for the Day One in Europe transnational meeting. Th project partners attended the 7th European Migration Forum, which was very interesting and so relevant to the work we are doing.

Our project partners, Le Laba brought very special guest from Bordeaux : the band MIKSI. MIKSI was born within the project “Migrant Music Manifesto”. The musicians organised worskhops about lullabies with the children and heated up the dancefloor in the European Economic and Social committee building!

It was wonderful to see the children enjoying the music, and that’s the aim of the project – we’re not letting the language be a barrier for children to feel included. We are showing ways to communicate through music, food, writing and play and allowing children to showcase their own culture and who they are.

The final activity of the meeting was a wonderful Halloween Party, which was enjoyed by all ages.

Over a period of three years, DAY 1 IN EUROPE allows the creation of 5 intellectual outputs:

LUNCH BOX, MUSIC BOX, MAIL BOX, PLAYING BOX and LANGUAGE BOX based on experimentation, research and exchange of good practices in the sector. The final beneficiaries are children and their families, whether migrants or refugees. The target audiences are teachers working with children aged 6-11.

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