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Digital Social Impact – An Introduction

We are delighted to be working on the Digital Social Impact project, it’s one that we feel will really make a difference. The project is inspired by the potential of technology and digital pedagogies (the ways we teach online) to create social impact. When we look at things a little bit differently we can inspire others to do the same.

The Digital Social Impact Project is following a unique four phased approach which is enabling us to research, develop, implement and share high-quality digital teaching resources for HEI educators which will lead increased societal impact of HEI’s as Europe and beyond. There are four main resources we are working on:

  • Digital Social Impact Best Practice Audit
  • Digital Social Impact Course Toolkit
  • Digital Social Impact Course Configurator
  • Guidelines for Digital Social Impact Scaling Workshops

We are only at the start of this exciting project, so for now we invite yo to keep up to date with the progress by visiting the website:

You can also follow the social media pages:

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