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The Ethical Food Entrepreneurship Meeting in Finland

Paula recently packed up her gloves and hat to visit the beautiful city of Kuopio, the 8th largest town in Finland for the transnational partner meeting of the Ethical Food Entrepreneurship Project. The hosts for the meeting were Savonia University of Applied Sciences who are the lead partners in this project.

As Paula will tell you herself this partnership is a dream team and it’s a real treat for the group to together face-to-face and to finalise some key elements in the projects outputs. Zoom meetings are good, but nothing can beat meeting in real life.

The team explored the region and experienced local traditions, activities and of course food. One of the highlights of the trip was the team meal at Puijo Peak where they enjoyed world-class cuisine and stunning panoramic Lakeland views at the top of the 75-metre-tall Puijo Tower; over 200 metres above the Lake Kallavesi. We hear that it was worth climbing all 390 steps for the experience.

The 1st output of the project is the Educators Guide to Drivers and Enablers for Innovation of Ethical Foods and  we look forward to sharing this with you soon. In the meantime we invite you to visit the website:

You can also follow the project on the social media platforms:


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