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Ethical Food Entrepreneurship Transnational Meeting in Turkey

The Ethical Food Entrepreneurship project partners recently held the transnational meeting in Turkey. This project has come at the perfect time as Europe strives towards a greener economy and fair eco-food systems. Each member of this team is passionate about this project and what it stands for.

The Ethical Food Entrepreneurship project will contribute to the professional development of food HEI Educators by increasing their pedagogic skills to develop and teach new food entrepreneurship supports based on triple-bottom-line businesses (planet, people, profit). The project will empower a new generation of food entrepreneurs to start, grow and adapt new ethical food enterprises.

The project partners discussed the outputs and resources that they are working on. They will include:

IO1 – Educators Guide to Drivers and Enablers for Innovation of Ethical Foods
IO2 – Innovating Ethical Foods, Entrepreneurship Manual
IO3 – OERs to teach 90-day Ethical Food Entrepreneurship programme
IO4 – Ethical Food Entrepreneurship Sharing and Mentoring Platform
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