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Fairpreneurs – A Closer Look

The Fairpreneurs project will enable youth educators to support young entrepreneurs to start a green, fair and sustainable business in line with the SDGs by conveying entrepreneurial skills and closing knowledge gaps while at the same time raising their awareness of socially and environmentally sustainable entrepreneurship.

The project team are working on the following resources:

PROJECT RESULT 1 – Case Study Compendium and Curriculum Development.
This is a comprehensive Case Study Compendium that provides tangible and understandable examples of sustainable business practices.
PROJECT RESULT 2 – Training Package, OER and Knowledge Hub.
This will include exercises, background materials, and is adaptable as Open Educational Resources (OERs) on an Interactive Knowledge Hub for social learning and peer exchange.
PROJECT RESULT 3 – Sustainable Business Assessment.
This is a Sustainable Business Assessment tool to evaluate SDG-readiness and support sustainability implementation in young or future businesses.
We’ll let you know when the resources are ready. To find out more about the project please visit the website:

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