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Green Festival Stories from the Future Festival Tools Project

Green Festival Stories are a collection of inspiring examples from across Europe from leading organisations in the field of sustainability and festivals. The series of presentations are from the Future Festival Tools Project.

Future Festival Tools introduces a new methodology for training festival/outdoor events’ professionals in environmental competences, so they can adopt new business models and reduce the environmental impact of their events. Future Festival Tools brings festival organisations together to work on the future of the sector at the most challenging time we have faced.


“Lead the way” has been Northside’s motto since its conception. Even a decade ago, back when sustainability wasn’t on everyone’s radar, its creators wanted to make it into one of the greenest cultural events out there, read Northside’s story here.


The sprit of Shambala is summed up well in its tagline ‘Adventures in Utopia’. Chris Johnson, co-founder, director and sustainability lead for the festival, describes Shambala as “a special place where you play, revitalise, make lots of new friends and return to the world fuelled-up on the beauty of being alive.” Read Shambala’s story here.


DGTL has an ambitious goal: to become the first circular, climate neutral major event. The festival constantly searches for sustainable innovations and has created the Revolution Foundation to share their knowledge. Read DGTL’s story here.

Way Out West 

The city of Gothenburg has always valued live music. About 15 years ago, when the local government asked the promotion agency Luger if it was willing to help establish a music festival right in the city centre, the agency didn’t think twice. Read Way Out Wests story here.


Boom serves as a perfect example for a festival that pursues a holistic sustainability approach and that keeps giving back to the local community. The festival has bought the land it takes place on; a 180-hectare homestead called Boomland and year round, the festival engages in the preservation and natural regeneration of the land. Read BOOM’s story here.


SNNTG is a non-profit cultural association founded in 2017 with the aim of promoting art and culture in the Hanover region. Read SNNTG’s story here.

We Love Green

WE LOVE GREEN is a self-proclaimed laboratory for sustainable innovation in the live events sector. Its aim is to test green solutions and prove that it is possible to combine our current lifestyle with a sustainable development. Read We Love Green’s story here.

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