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Include Her – Empowering Female Migrants in Digital Skills – Online Course

Become immersed in the digital world and develop your digital skills for personal and professional development

Within the INCLUDE HER Massive Open Online Course you will expand and develop your knowledge and digital skills, learning how you can use and apply these practical digital skills within your studies, work and personal life. This is the first MOOC that provides an in-depth training course based on the EU DigComp that is specific to the needs of migrant women.

The course is free and can be done at your leisure.

  • Get to know the basic characteristics of Digital Competencies
  • Explore the possibilities of cooperation in creating experiences within the migrant women for digital competencies
  • Gain invaluable insight into the world of information, creation and development of digital competencies
  • Understand the importance of digital competencies to the integration in higher education in Europe
  • Watch and Listen- open your eyes and ears to videos and podcasts which will help you not only understand Digital competencies better but to become inspired to dip your toes in.
  • Assess your learning through our short quizzes and ensure you are getting the most from your learning journey.

You can find the course here: 

We also invite you to join the INCLUDE HER online community of learners:

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