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Integrating Visual Literacy Teaching into Adult Entrepreneurship Education – An Introduction

We’d like to introduce you to the INVOLVE (Integrating visual literacy teaching into adult entrepreneurship education) Project. The objective of our project is clear: strengthen the visual literacy of entrepreneurs by introducing innovative visual literacy training into adult entrepreneurship education curriculum and courses.

Did you know that the human brain can process visuals up to 60,000 times faster than text? This would make a lot of sense as drawing and painting images were one of the first forms of communication known to man, writing came much later. There’s also no language barrier when it comes to images, so they can be easier for people to understand and make sense of.

Entrepreneurship education occupies a key role in the Europe 2020 strategy for growth and jobs. When you think of the world we live in at the moment it’s all very visually based, and that includes businesses too. Think of Instagram and TikTok, for example, they are all visually based. Any social media post, or an advertisement will have far more impact with a good visual rather than lots of text.

Within the INVOLVE project we will undertake EU wide research to identify Best Practice in the use of visual literacy education within entrepreneurship education in the adult education sector. We will collate the results of this research into a Good Practice Guide Book which will motivate educators and organisations to implement these visual pedagogies into their teaching. We will also determine the most relevant, useful and easy-to-use digital graphic, image and video technology and tools, and share this knowledge with the Adult Ed sector so that entrepreneurship educators have the knowledge, skills and resources to improve teaching and learning using visual content – INVOLVE Toolkit.

The project will respond to the following needs of these target groups:

  1. New and future Entrepreneurs need practical training opportunities to become better at problem solving, innovation and communication, and to stay up-to-date with the visual technologies affecting their sector
  2. Adult Educators and Trainers need support in modernizing their pedagogic approach and strategic use of digital visual technology in ways that better cater to learning needs of their learners and future performance in the workplace.
  3. Adult Education Organizations and Stakeholders, who need the vision and tools to support educators in implementing innovative teaching strategies within their organizations and who need strategies to boost the quality and attractiveness of adult education at scale.

The project also responds to the needs of adult learners, especially those low-skilled, low-qualified learners from disadvantaged backgrounds or those with ID who need more effective and appropriate ways to develop their skills in order to achieve employment and lead active civic and social lives.

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