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Introducing INACT’s Good Practice Compendium for Creative Classrooms

We’ve been working on the INACT Inclusive Educators Project, and we are delighted to launch the Good Practice Compendium for Creative Classrooms.

The Good Practice Compendium is expected to provide new ideas, broaden and deepen educators’ skill set by showcasing and providing guidance on introducing effective learning and teaching activities in order to teach theoretical knowledge and practical skills as well as developing general key competencies.

The compendium includes two larger parts. The first part of the compendium describes the educational institution or classroom level strategies contributing learner empowerment and inclusion (e.g. creative collaborative strategies, projects strategies). The second part of the compendium presents initiatives contributing to learner empowerment in wider educational contexts.

You can find out more, and download your free compendium here: 

The goal of INACT is to provide educators with the knowledge, skills and confidence to engage in pedagogic innovation, helping them to create inclusive, innovative and genuinely engaging learning experiences for all their students.

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