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Introduction to Community Mediation – The Include Me Project

We are looking for teachers, trainers and adult/community educators, but also higher education students with migration or intercultural background to test the first module of our Training Course in mediation education. This is in connection to the IncludeMe (Inclusion through Mediation Project).
This Training Course aims to provide educators with resources, knowledge and skills to improve their delivery of mediation education, and to promote peer to peer mediation within communities.
Are you interested? The first module ‘Introduction to Community Mediation’ is available here:
Please share your feedback and help us improve the training by answering this online form:
We are all about inclusion here in Momentum. Over the last number of years, we have worked on many projects that aim to empower people and we have seen first-hand the difference that can be made if you just give people a chance.

Thinking of mediation, we have seen the difference having someone to mediate with issues that you may face can really help. A mediator can act as a go-between, moderator, and liaison advocate. They can provide a neutral sounding board for those who need them and can help to diffuse a situation.

If you’d like to find out more, please visit the website:

There is also a Facebook page  and LinkedIn group that looks at this project and other inclusion projects:

Include ME is an Erasmus+ project bringing together partners from Finland, Denmark, Belgium, Ireland, Turkey, and Spain. 

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