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Next YWOLI Meeting – Iceland

Midnight Sun in Iceland

Next week, we are off to the Iceland for the fourth meeting of our YWOLI project. with lots to look forward to there.

We will be looking at ways young women can start small but successful businesses, we will also complete an inter-cultural study on cultural stereotypes. Something also of interest for us, will be seeing the midnight sun pictured above! Our partner in Iceland on this project is Símenntunarmidstödin á Vesturlandi who are based in Borganes.

Símenntunarmiðstöðin is a nonprofit organization and owned by municipalities in the area, the local labor unions, the local college, and some key companies. The main objective of Símenntunarmiðstöðin is to promote and assist with adult education in the area with special attention to the increase of continuing education, increased qualification as well as well-being of the population.

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