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The PROSPER (Post Pandemic Empowerment Programme) aims to design, develop, and implement a new training approach which empowers SME managers to reimagine their role as remote managers and ensure remote employees balance digital productivity with wellbeing and inclusion.

The Covid19 pandemic has challenged European companies to find new ways of working together while overcoming physical distances. As a result, various types of crisis-borne remote / hybrid work settings emerged. In order to build on the experiences gathered with hybrid working during the Covid19-pandemic, this project aims for developing a post pandemic empowerment programme (PROSPER) for small and medium sized enterprises that centers around healthy hybrid working.

The project has been formed as a strategic partnership to design, develop and implement a new training approach tailored to the needs of SME remote managers.

PROSPER aims to:

  • Develop a new training for SME managers / HR staff / team leaders to update their leadership skills for remote / hybrid settings.
  • Ensure that the specific training needs of SMEs are met, and the wider developments of digitalization, inclusion and wellbeing are included.
  • Contribute to adapt Vocational Education and Training (VET) to labour market needs due to the ongoing digital transformation fueled by the Covid19 pandemic.

We invite you to read the latest newsletter, which covers meetings, pilot training, the empowerment program, and more.

You can also take the PROSPER online course. The course aims to empower managers of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) by equipping them with the essential knowledge and skills to modernise their management practices. After finishing the PROSPER Online Course, you have the opportunity to register for a test on what you’ve learned throughout the course. If you pass this test, you will be awarded a certificate of completion that’s equal to 9 hours of Continuous Professional Development(CPD). Ready to get started? Click here.

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