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Researching digital work-based learning

We would like to introduce you to someone special who has been working with us for the past few months. Rebecca Robson is currently studying for a Master’s degree in Business Management at Maynooth University, where she also completed an undergraduate degree in Law and Criminology. As part of her Master’s degree, she gained the opportunity to work on a Business Research Project with us at Momentum: Educate + Innovate

Through her research project which aims to develop an eWork-based learning framework, Rebecca partnered with Samantha Carty to assist with Momentum’s research on the Erasmus+ eWBL project. Since June, Rebecca has worked with Samantha in the collection of fifteen video interviews from higher education institutions, students on remote digital work placements, and their host organisations for five case studies. The remote work experiences were shortlisted by the Italian project partner Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini who deemed them high-quality according to the proposed standards for work-based learning as set out in the first work package methodology.

After completing the detailed interviews according to the guidelines, Rebecca turned the information gathered into comprehensive written case studies for each remote work experience. This has proven useful for Rebecca’s own research, “Working on the case studies has given me a deeper insight into how people were affected and overcame the dramatic move to remote working due to the restrictions put in place during the Covid-19 pandemic. It is interesting to learn how individuals overcame the challenges and to understand how they see the future of WBL”.

In addition to meeting all the European partners involved with the eWBL project, Rebecca has been conducting her own research for a literature review based on eWBL. This has given her a background on how work-based learning moved towards digital work-based learning, how the Covid-19 pandemic drastically furthered this transition to remote working and the impact that it has had on the participants. We would like to acknowledge Rebecca for her valuable contribution and collaboration on the eWBL project and wish her well in completing her business research project.

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