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Street Culture for Regions – An Introduction

We’d like to introduce you to one of our newer projects and one that we are very passionate about. The Street Culture for Regions project has a clear aim, to enable entrepreneurship education providers to improve the scope and quality of vocational education they provide to new entrepreneurs from disadvantaged backgrounds, especially those with low-skills or who are migrants or from ethnic minorities.
What do we mean by Street Culture?
Think of street art to food trucks, pop-up markets to cutting edge fashion and sport, street culture is any commercial activity that takes place “on the streets” and contains the creative forces that can mould lifestyles and drive the economy.
Street Culture has grown in recent years, driven by the mainstreaming of youth culture and the revitalisation of urban areas and towns have realised the benefits of providing something different to attract visitors to their region.
Street Culture for Regions brings those on the margins of society –NEETs (young people not in employment, education, or training), ethnic minorities, or migrant backgrounds, and those from deprived neighbourhoods -into both entrepreneurship training and meaningful economic activity, through the medium of “Street Culture”.
If you are a Street Culture Entrepreneur, leader, or stakeholder you can play your part in this amazing project by offering your enterprise as an example case study in our Opportunities in Street Culture Resource pack.
Our project comprises four inter-related elements:
  1. Opportunities in Street Culture Resource pack. A set of documents, multimedia resources and interactive activities that enables entrepreneurship stakeholders, leaders, and educators to understand how street culture can be harnessed as part of entrepreneurial skills development.
  2.  Street Culture Alliances and Action Plans. A guide to implementing ongoing collaboration between key organizations and stakeholders so that investment in street culture entrepreneurship training can create sustainable impact on social inclusion and cultural economic development.
  3.  Street Culture Open Education Resources. The hub of the new street entrepreneurship training model resources include: a first ever dedicated curriculum, learning objectives, and assessment ideas; trainers guide and suggested activities and interactive multimedia content for teaching and learning.
  4.  Street Culture App. An accessible way to maximize engagement with entrepreneurial skills development directly for potential entrepreneurs the app will provide direct self LED learning in small bite sized chunks.

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Street Culture for Regions is Erasmus+ project of the following European experts-Momentum, Le Laba, EUEI, EBE, AHE, EDRA and IPP.

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