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Students as Digital Civic Engagers – A Closer Look

As we come to the end of our Students as Digital Civic Engagers Project, we will take a look at the fantastic resources that have been produced as part of the project. The project examined the best practices and benefits behind student civic engagement throughout the EU. Civic Engagement is any individual or group activity addressing issues of public concern.

The aim of the Students as Digital Civic Engagers Project was to increase the digital skills and civic engagement knowledge of HEI managers and academic staff in order to empower students to become confident civic engagers through the use of digital technologies.

The project partners have produced a number of intellectual outputs, including:

  1. Guide to Civic Engagement  – a comprehensive publication which explains the relevance of Digital Civic Engagement, how it relates to both pillars of teaching and academic outcomes, and how it can be taught effectively in Higher Education.
  2. Digital Civic Engagement Toolkit –  providing practical guidance and tools for HEI educators and lecturers, who want to incorporate Digital Civic Engagement activities into their curricula/teaching strategies, with a particular focus on increasing their confidence in using digital tools.
  3. Digital Civic Engagement Syllabus and OERs including a syllabus, learning objectives, lesson plans, assessment guides, and access to a variety of original teaching content and pedagogies (experimental learning, problem-based learning, service learning).
  4. Digital Civic Engagement MOOC providing students & staff with an additional space in which to develop their digital civic engagement skills in a user-friendly format, as well as to explore follow on projects with their peers.

You can find all the resources, and lots of news and blog posts, over on the website:

We’d like to thank our project partners for their hard work on this project: Universität Wien, The University of Tartu, eucen, University of Minho and Canice Consulting.

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