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Sustainable Future for Enterprise Centres – An Introduction

We’d like to introduce you to the Sustainable Future for Enterprise Centres (SFEC) project. Enterprise centres and working hubs are very popular, especially in regards to remote working in Ireland. Most of the Social Enterprise centres have access to high-speed broadband and all the technology needed for people and businesses to be able to work close to home. They also give people a suitable working environment without worrying about taking over the house with a business. These remote working hubs have become a necessity in recent months.

With enterprise comes responsibility, this is where the SFEC project comes in. The Primary Objective of the project is to initiate a replicable model of learning that enables enterprise centre managers, tenant businesses and learners to adopt sustainable and responsible business practices.

The Project will focus on the following questions:

  • What are the best practices that our participants can replicate in order to carbon footprint, improve their services/supports and future proof their infrastructures?
  • How best to guide enterprise centre leaders and tenant SMEs through a strategic climate change process which will bring sustainable practices from learning into concrete actions?
  • What are the mechanisms by which we can transfer those skills to the widest possible enterprise centre + tenant cohort?

The SFEC project will work to:

  1. Identify best practices that enterprise centres can replicate to reduce their carbon footprint, improve their services/supports and future proof their infrastructures (IO1)
  2. Guide enterprise centre leaders through strategic sustainability planning which will bring sustainable practices and ideas to fruition via concrete actions (IO2)
  3. Empower enterprise centre leaders to become Sustainability Educators and Agents of Change capable of teaching and training SME and start up clients about the principles of sustainability and green business (IO3)
  4. Develop a self-learning sustainability and climate-action online course for Enterprise Centres tenants and wider SME’s to enable them to operate in an environmentally and socially responsible manner and align their sustainability goals with those of the enterprise centres where they are based (IO3)

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The SFEC project is an Erasmus+ project, bringing together a range of partners from all over Europe, from the UK and Ireland to Denmark, Spain & the Netherlands.

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