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The Befriending for Social and Digital Inclusion (Bestie) Project – A Closer Look

We are sad to be bidding farewell to the BESTIE (Befriending for Social and Digital Inclusion) Project. This project has been something very special and we have met some amazing people through it, and held some wonderful events that have connected people. The Befriending for Social and Digital Inclusion project aimed to provide a fresh and innovative model of cross fertilization of digital and social skills for senior citizens, migrants, and young people.

The project produced the following resources:

The BESTIE Interactive Learning Platform. Explore podcasts, the knowledge exchange group, virtual talks, and more:

The BESTIE Good Practice Report. This report highlights the incredible efforts of those who are bringing generations and cultures together to improve digital skills learning through peer-to-peer interactions.

The BESTIE Network Guide. This Guide will give you all the advice you need for you to create community clubs for social and digital inclusion:

The BESTIE Toolkit. This toolkit offers a series of easy-to-use tools designed to improve digital skills in various aspects of everyday life.

The BESTIE Club Reports. The BESTIE Clubs were innovative spaces for intergenerational learning and digital inclusion.

Lols hosted a number of events over the course of the project, including the Celebration of Belonging. The Bestie Club was formed and celebrated International Women’s Day, with guest speakers and afternoon tea.

Val visited the Sligo Children’s Community Garden and spoke to Kylie about their intergenerational and intercultural garden. Check out our podcast to hear more.

Lola and Denise presented the project at various events across Leitrim, and the feedback was very encouraging.

The BESTIE Project has been a huge success, and we’d like to thank the project partners for all their hard work: Le LABA, European E-Learning Institute, Ciber Voluntarios, Creative Spark, Hellenic Adult Education Association.

Find out more about the BESTIE Project on the website:

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