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The BEGIN Blockchain Guide is a Success

Our Guide for Blockchain Competencies was published in December 2021 and has already been downloaded by almost 200 people. This extensive guide was developed as a core part of the Erasmus+ project BEGIN Blockchain. In it we outline the competencies and skills that SME owners, managers, and educators need to respectively integrate or educate about blockchain technology.

The guide is divided into three main parts:

1. A thorough literature review focussing on the role of blockchain for start-ups and Higher Education, the skills and competencies needed to integrate blockchain, as well as the existence of andragogy to teach such skills/competencies.

2. A review of the blockchain policy context in the European Union, focussing on supranational policy, partner countries context, and general support and competencies mechanisms available for SMEs and high growth enterprises across the continent.

3. A qualitative research report that outlines drivers, challenges, and key success factors in the implementation of the technology, as well as the competencies needed for entrepreneurs, SME managers and educators and suggested andrologies and learning environments.
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BEGIN Blockchain is an Erasmus+ project bringing together six partners from the UK, Ireland, Denmark, Estonia, The Netherlands and Spain. The overall goal of this programme is to enable entrepreneurship education providers to teach blockchain technology to their SME and entrepreneur learners.

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