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The Blockchain for Agrifood Educators Meeting in Prague

The second transnational partner meeting of the Blockchain for Agrifood Educators Project took place recently in Prague. Blockchain for Agri-Food Educators is an innovative project that seeks to transform the provision of education in the agribusiness, food science, and nutrition sectors through the strategic utilization of blockchain technology.

Orla was delighted to meet up again with our project partners: Slovak University of Agriculture, European E-Learning Institute, Arctur and FH Münster, and we’d like to share some stand-out reflections on the value of getting together.

Collaboration is Key
The strength of any project lies in its network. By coming together, we pool our collective expertise to solve pressing challenges in the agri-food sector. Our meetings serve as an incubator for ideas and strategies that really can only emerge from multi-country and multi-disciplinary cooperation.

Innovation Drives Change
Every finding of this project so far underlines how vital innovation is for driving change. In this case, we focus on leveraging blockchain technology to create a more transparent and trustworthy food system. We believe that technology can not only modernise our current systems but also instil them with values like trust and integrity. Watch out for our soon-to-be-published resources.

Knowledge Sharing
Face-to-face meet-ups provide an irreplaceable platform for sharing insights and experiences. We value this much more after our Civid-19 virtual world. Nothing beats being in the room.

United Towards a Common Goal
Each partner brings a unique skill set and perspective to the table. This diversity is essential for solving complex challenges, improving the agri-food industry, making it more sustainable, transparent, and equitable.

The Way Forward
Our Prague meet-up was a key moment for the Blockchain for Agri-Food Educators Project. It has energised us for the exciting work ahead on our third work package, our training deliverables.

So, why are partner meet-ups essential? They enable innovation, facilitate knowledge sharing, and build a cohesive team dedicated to making a real-world impact. And that’s something we can all get behind.

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