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The Circular Creatives Project visit CREW Galway

Together with our colleagues in Roscommon Leader Partnership, we were delighted to bring the Circular Creatives Project to Galway recently. We visited The CREW – ‘Creative Enterprise West’ centre, CREW are creating a centre of excellence and entrepreneurial eco-system. It was the perfect location host an Exploratory Panel meeting to gain feedback on the emerging tools in the Empowering Circular Creatives Project and hold a discussion about the importance of the circular economy in the creative sector.

The European Circular Economy Action Plan is a comprehensive framework adopted by the European Union in 2020 to accelerate the transition to a circular economy. The action plan aims to make the EU’s economy more sustainable and resilient, while reducing its environmental impact and promoting innovation and competitiveness.

  • Creative entrepreneurship is an important sector of the European economy, accounting for around 4% of EU GDP and employing over 12 million people.
  • The circular economy is gaining momentum in Europe, with an estimated 32% of EU GDP already coming from circular activities.
  • There are already many successful examples of creative entrepreneurship in the circular economy in Europe About | CUITU (

The Empowering Creative Circular Entrepreneurs Project aims to upskill creatives and aspiring creatives AND those who train them (VET educators) to embrace circular economic principles as a key tool to adapt their business to a more sustainable model that reduces costs and waste while protecting and creating jobs.

We had an in-depth discussion with the staff and students at CREW.
The objective of the panel discussion was to:Understand and tackle the weaknesses and strengths of the creative industry from a jobs perspective, with particular focus on circular economy potential for positive business impact.  Contribute to the development of an Action PlanWe aim to have a collaboration of:-

  • Current and aspiring creative entrepreneurs
  • Educators and trainers
  • Local policy and decision makers

It was a really interesting day with insightful discussions with both the staff and students of CREW. We thank them for their hospitality and look forward to visiting them again in the future.

You can find out more about Circular Creatives Project on the website, and please share the project with anyone who you feel may be interested:

The Erasmus+ Circular Creatives Project Partners are:  Academy of Entrepreneurship (AKEP), Global Impact Grid (GIG), Roscommon Leader Partnership, CEKATE, European E-Learning Institute and Momentum.




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