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The Cultural Social Innovation Europe (CSI Project) Partner meeting in Italy

Back in May, the CSI EU Project Partners met in the stunning location of Matera in Italy. It was the first time that the partners had met in person and it made a lovely change from zoom meetings. Con is working on the project for us here in Momentum, and he’s bringing his skills and expertise to the project.

The aim of CSI EU (Cultural Social Innovation) is to empower adults and young people most affected by COVID to become confident cultural social innovators and design innovative (digital) solutions to challenges posed by the crisis.
At the meeting in Matera, the project partners discussed the progress of the project resources, they are working on a handbook, a Toolbox for youthworkers & young people, and Hackathons is each country. They discussed the future possibilities for the project, as well, and the role of each partner in the project.
Currently they are developing a Digital Transformation Toolbox to make your work easier.
With the Toolbox they aim to provide practical guidance for young people and adults wishing to enhance their digital skills, as well as to support adult educators and youth workers seeking to incorporate culture-based social innovation activities into their teaching strategies.
The Toolbox will bring you more than 20 exiting, useful and easy-to-use digital tools.
We’ll let you know when the Toolbox is ready and we invite you to take a look at the website to find out more:
You can keep connected on the Facebook page: 

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