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The Dark Sky Ecotourism Partner Meeting in Italy

The Dark Sky Ecotourism Project Partners recently held their transnational meeting in Lucera in the province of Foggia, Italy, Albie went on behalf of Momentum. As the project nears the end it was a wonderful opportunity for the partners to review the work so far and finalise the next steps. We are very grateful to GAL Meridaunia for being excellent hosts, we don’t think we’ve ever had a meeting in an office with such a beautiful ceiling.

We’ve really enjoyed working on this project and we’ve seen the impact and the power that dark skies can have. The night sky can benefit the environment, rural communities, and eco tourism businesses. We’d never have thought about zip lining at night, but it was incredible experience and one that the team all enjoyed. The team also visited forest lodges, and stopped to listen to the frogs and to photograph the milky way.

The Dark Sky Project aims to empower training bodies and business in remote and rural European tourism to seize a more equitable share of Europe’s future post pandemic tourism opportunities. It will play a key role in rebuilding and refocusing European tourism to be more sustainable, resilient, and future orientated. Find out more on the website:

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Our partners come from Iceland Hólar University College, Portugal ADCMoura, Denmark European E-learning Institute and Ireland Technological University of the Shannon, Athlone, and Momentum educate + innovate, and of course the host partners GAL MERIDAUNIA


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