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The Digi WorkWell Business Case is now Live

The pandemic has changed the way many of us work, instead of going to an office many of us are now working remotely or enjoying hybrid working. This can be of benefit to employees but it can also cause health issues due to isolation, communication issues, lack of productivity, etc. The Digi WorkWell project aims to research and address the issue of digital wellbeing in the work place through various educational resources.

The DigiWorkWell Business Case is a resource, developed by professional researchers, mainly oriented to SME managers and business educators who are willing to make analysis from companies’ structure in order to improve their actual organisation and procedures related to remote work.

The Business Case guide summarises the current understanding of digital wellbeing, the benefits and risks of teleworking, and how these benefits can be maximised and risks mitigated. It proposes a number of recommendations to help achieve this and is illustrated with case studies presenting examples of some of the main issues affecting digital workplace wellbeing and of current good practice.

You can download your free guide here:

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