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The Digital Innovation Project – A Closer Look

As we come to the end of our Digital Innovation project, we will take a look at the fantastic resources that have been produced as part of the project. The goal of Digital Innovation was to investigate how small service companies currently undertake new product development so that we can improve how innovation in services is taught.

The Digital Innovation project partners have worked to create the following resources, which you can take at your leisure:

The Digital Innovation Audit is a state-of-the-art review on new service development by micro businesses and SMEs.

The Digital Innovation Scanner. Scan through the digital tools list to get an overview or filter specifically for your individual innovation needs to find your digital tool. The rating might also give you some indications which tool to choose.

Digital Innovation Benchmarking Tool is an innovative, online interactive tool for SMEs to identify their current digitisation levels. This simple, yet powerful tool will help businesses to create a benchmark of where their new product development process is in terms of utilizing digital tools which are available.

Problem Based Learning Open Educational Resources engage a critical thinking approach to teaching Digital Innovation for service sector SMEs. Students will be encouraged to use existing resources on innovative digital skills as a starting point in choosing the applicable/appropriate tools which they will utilise in their PBL solutions.

We’d like to thank our project partners for their hard work on this project: University of Szczecin, EUEI, FH Munster University of Applied Sciences, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and Eucen.



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