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The Digital Innovation Whitepaper is now live

We’ve been working on the Innovating Digitally Project, the project will help you gain a better understanding of how small service companies currently undertake new product development so that you can improve how innovation in services is taught.

Our Digital Innovation Whitepaper provides an overview of the mapping of a Digital Innovation Process for Services, based on Scientific Literature and Expert Interviews.

Due to the challenges arising from changes in technology and customer behavior, companies are asked to constantly innovate. In this regard, servitization or service innovation has appeared as a successful way for many companies to overcome the dead-end road of competition. As companies focus more and more on developing services, service innovation has started to gain increasing attention also in research causing the traditional product innovation view to shift towards a multidimensional service innovation view.

We created a literature review on innovation processes and established our own literature-based digital innovation process model for services. We then carried out expert interviews and surveys to validate the process model. We mapped currently available digital tools on the market to our innovation process model and built a digital tools platform.

If you want to read the Whitepaper, it’s now available to download, and it’s free. Visit this link to get your copy:

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