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The Discover Digital Project – An Introduction

Despite the many frustrations of the lockdown we have learnt many things from it. One of these things is that education and outreach supports can function digitally. This is the perfect time for community based educators to engage with Discover Digital. The resources that are accessible on will help community based educators and organisations to improve their ability to use and deploy technology and digital tools in the daily work.

The bonus of using digital technology. is that adult learners are no longer tied to the classroom at set times and therefore, family and work commitments would no longer be a barrier to education. Another bonus would be that in using digital technology regularly, adult learners will become more confident in the use of digital technology and this will benefit long after they finish their courses.

The overall goal of DISCOVER is to provide community-based adult educators with high quality training on effective digital teaching techniques so that they may increase their use of digital learning tools in their everyday work and drive improvements in the quality and outcomes of their education programmes.

In order to do this, we will:

Develop and disseminate a Guide to Digital and Mobile Teaching (IO1) to educate the educators on the strategic importance of digital pedagogy and the competences required of them as 21st century educators.

Create and share a practical, interactive Toolkit (IO2), presenting the most valuable digital and mobile tools and the innovative ways in which they overcome learning barriers among low-skilled adults.

Develop and promote an online platform (IO3) to consolidate educators’ new digital competences, enabling them to practice in a supportive environment and receive peer support.

The immediate result of the project will be to improve access to high quality digital pedagogy training Adult Education teachers and trainers in community-based organisations.

As education is a core value here at Momentum, something we passionately believe in, we are delighted to be working with New Lodge Duncairn Community Health Partnership, Roscommon Leader Partnership, EUEI, Folkuniversitetet, and Associació Catalana per a l’Educació on this project. All partners are experts in the field of adult education. Like us, they firmly believe that education is a way to integrate all members of society and overcoming such barriers to education can have the knock-on effect of improving not only the skill set of the adult learner but also their self-esteem and peer attitude.

You can find out more about this project over on the website:

Discover is an EU Erasmus+ Project bringing together partners and experts from the Sweden, Ireland, Spain, and Denmark.

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