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The E-Coop Transnational Partner Meeting in Valencia

The third transnational partner meeting of the E-coop project took place in the beautiful city of Valencia, in Spain, at the beginning of April 2024. The meeting was hosted by our project partners Consorci de la Ribera, and we thank them for being excellent hosts. The E-coop project will provide useful resources and tools for understanding the role of energy cooperatives in energy transitions processes in rural areas and for initiating the e-coop process. Albie is working on E-Coop on behalf of Momentum, and he brings his expertise and knowledge to the project.

The project partners got to experience the impact of sustainable initiatives, including a visit to CEE Miquel Burguera, a special education centre located in the town of Sueca. The centre has had solar panels installed on the rooftop, which showcases the potential of renewable energy.  The sight of the solar panels powering the school showed the simplicity and effectiveness of sustainable solutions, and provided lots of ideas of how this could be replicated in other areas. Small steps can create major impact.

The project team discussed the impact of the project so far and made plans for the work packages. The meeting was a valuable experience and provided inspiration for the next steps of the project, and made the team think about how communities can join together to make a more sustainable world.

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