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The Ethical Food Entrepreneurship Project Visits Galway

The Ethical Food Entrepreneurship Project partners were reunited in Galway recently for the transnational meeting. Partners Bia Innovator Campus were excellent hosts, and the other partners present were from Savonia University (Finland), Momentum (Ireland), IPB (Portugal), EUEI (Denmark) and Antalya Bilim University (Turkey).

As the team near the last furlong of this project they discussed the recent publication of our Educator’s Guide and A Good Practice Compendium. These resources are aimed at 2 target groups HEI educators and aspiring food entrepreneurs, explaining the need and importance of a more ethical food system. The partners are also developing an Ethical Entrepreneurship Manual and 6 open access modules for educators and learners are currently being created (watch this space). This course will be the first of its kind and will be beneficial to anyone who has an interest in ethical food.

It wasn’t all work, as the partners got a tour of the almost complete Food Innovation Campus at BIA, in Athenry. Day 2 saw the team meet at the Innovation hubs (ATU) and they enjoyed a delicious, locally sourced, meal at Ruibin. The partners met with a local ethical entrepreneur at Galway Bay Seafoods, who explained the relevance of ethical sourcing and the challenges that face our current food systems and the need for sustainability and ethic practices.

The team finished their tour by going out on Galway Bay to see the city from a different perspective and learned all about Galway Hookers (a traditional Irish fishing boat). It was a pleasure to catch up with the team again.

ETHICAL FOOD ENTREPRENEURSHIP (EFE) will contribute to the professional development of food HEI & VET educators by increasing their pedagogic skills to develop and teach new food entrepreneurship supports based on triple-bottom-line businesses (planet, people, profit). The project will empower a new generation of food entrepreneurs to start, grow & adopt new ethical food enterprises.

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