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The European Entrepreneurship Cafe Project Handbook is now Live

We are working on the E-CAFÉ – European Entrepreneurship Cafe Project, this project addresses some of the key areas of actions of the EU: Providing high quality learning opportunities for low-skilled/low qualified adults, supporting an entrepreneurial mindset as well as social inclusion.

Entrepreneurship plays a key role in Europe’s Economy. In order to generate innovation, growth and jobs and unleash the potential of the diverse groups of potential entrepreneurs, we need to remove existing obstacles and revolutionize the culture of entrepreneurship in the EU.

Networking is a fantastic way for entrepreneurs to succeed and to make connections with other people in a similar situation, and the e-cafe is the perfect way to achieve this. We’ve all made connections over a cup of coffee.

We are delighted to let you know that the E-CAFÉ handbook is now available to download. This Operational Handbook is similar to the equivalent of a “free franchise handbook” so that the E-CAFÉ concept can easily and successfully be replicated with minimum effort throughout the EU or anywhere else in the world.

You’ll discover informative and practical knowledge and insight into the following topics:

1. The Entrepreneurship café project
2. Launch an entrepreneurship café
3. Finding tutors
4. Marketing strategies for e-cafes
5. Funding options and sponsors
6. Best practices of entrepreneurship cafes
7. Tools and resources for e-cafes
8. “Learn more” links

Download your free copy here:

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