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The Final In-Person Meeting of the We Lead Project

The transnational partner meeting of the We Lead project was hosted by EUEI in Copenhagen on April 9th & 10th, 2024. This was a bittersweet meeting, as it was the last in-person meeting for this project, and Paula will miss the project partners.

As we make our way towards the final stages of the We Lead project all partners (UNAK, MMS, Transformia, Cebanc and Hosts EUEI) were represented in Copenahagen for a critical yet successful meeting. AT this stage of the project, we have already launched our Eye-opener report and Good Practice Compendium but during the meeting we made the last few edits and amendments to our suite of Open Education Resources (OERs). The OERs consist of 6 robust modules for VET educators and an Educators guide on how to best use and deliver the modules to empower women with leadership skills in the Tourism, Hospitality and Leisure sectors.

The We Lead course is also suitable as a self-paced course for women to follow directly in their own time. The modules also highlight the linkages between women leadership and climate action and show evidence of the impact of women in these sectors when it comes to sustainability and positive action. Watch this space as the course is just about to be published on our website ( in English, Spanish and Icelandic.

We are also making great progress with our final work package, where we aim to equip tourism & female organisations with a Gender Advocacy Toolkit. The tool kit will consist of a facilitator’s manual and an online campaigning guide.

While in Copenhagen we got to also experience some of the local tourist sites. We strolled by the famous Tivoli; we caught amazing views of the city from the 17th century Round Tower (Rundetaarn). This tower is quite unique as you climb to the top viewing platform via a wide spiralling ramp as opposed to via stairs.

Our meeting on Wednesday was held in the Carlsberg district, where afterwards we got to check out the Elephant Gate & Tower. This gateway was completed in 1901 with its four life-sized granite elephant statues and served as one of two entrances to the Carlsberg complex.

Of course, a visit to Copenhagen wouldn’t be complete without visiting Nyhavn, the waterfront/canal district lined by brightly coloured 17th & 18th century townhouses and meeting the Little Mermaid.

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