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The Final Transnational Partner Meeting of The Digital Balance Project

Laurence has been in Brussels for the final meeting of the Digital Balance Project. This was a hybrid meeting, with some of the partners attending virtually, and was hosted by our project partners EfVET. We have really enjoyed working on Digital Balance and we will miss our hardworking project partners.

The main objectives of the meeting were to check the current status of the Work Packages as outlined in the Digital Balance project, define the final IOs and next steps to finalise the outputs assigned and prepare, a focus event to work on specific IOs with the partners.

The Covid- 19 pandemic has created a demand for change towards digitalization. Due to the sudden change, there was not enough time to discuss the potential risk factors. VET teachers in particular face a higher risk of digital overload or burnout than ever before.

The term” Technostress” is caused both by technology and organizational expectations that leads to deterioration in productivity/ performance and in employees’ mental health and physical health. In the recent times the VET schools suffer shortage of staff and increase in the absence due to digitally induced stress.

The objective of Digital Balance is to clear: design, develop and implement a new approach to train VET teachers, leaders and managers in digital wellbeing.

One of the project resources; The Digital Wellbeing Resource Pack is now available to download. The pack is a blend of case studies with downloadable and personalise templates for plans and organisational policy documents focusses on managers, department heads working with teachers to use the knowledge they have gained. You can download your free copy here:

You can find out more about Digital Balance on the website:

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